November 16, 2003

I don't own any of these

In fact, I don't even want any of these, so my ranking on the geek/fanatic scale should be adjusted downwards by a few points.

For the record, I don't own rocket jammies either.

But for those who feel a bit rocket-deficient, I offer the following suggestions.

Shaken, not cryo stirred.

And while you're sipping your martini, you can prepare a delicious dinner with the help of the RocketChef food chopper.

Toys! How about the Rocket Football? Or perhaps your youngster (or you yourself?) has one of those wooden Brio trains, in which case you couldn't pass up your very own Curious George and the Rocket Ship track add-on.

You just knew that this one had to be here - the Pocket Rocket.

Ooooo, rocket clip-art.

Go Google on Maurice 'Rocket' Richard and Roger 'Rocket' Clemens.

And finally, a whole page full of rocket-shaped crapola, presented with flair and humor.

Posted by Ted at November 16, 2003 07:09 AM
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