December 12, 2003

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

Jockularocracy. Cursor fun.

Ghost of a flea. Visual Thesaurus. Very very cool.

Pensieri found an odd site. It's an online collection of stewardess uniforms.

Jon took a candidate quiz to see who he's most in tune with. He posted his results with comments. My favorite line:
I'd move to Chicago so I could vote against him twice.

Heather of Angelweave points out this hilarious bit of internet humor. Bandwidth alert, and drink warning too. I'm soooooo there.

Brian Noggle creates a nifty new swear word, but lost me during the explanation when he used the phrase: "That's a twofer you don't get with an unvoiced labiodental fricative." I had to look it up, because to my admittedly gutter-dwelling mind, it sounds like performing non-reciprocated oral sex while staying at her folk's place for the holidays. Thanks again to Heather, for that mental image. Ever been to a space station?

Over at Spacecraft, Chris Hall posts a picture that proves us rocket nuts people are everywhere. If you want to see something slightly twilight-zonish, visit Huntsville, Alabama. Every other business there is named Rocket-this or Astro-that.

Ben Dover, because good advice is timeless.

Learn about rocketry.

I've mentioned him before: Ray Dunakin builds rockets that take aerial photographs. He sells beautiful 8x10 prints, mounted and matted, for $15.00 + shipping. Worth considering if you're looking for something different to give as Christmas gifts.

For those who are sick of holiday music, you must Must MUST go here and listen. Actually, everyone should go, because this is falling-down-holding-your-side-it-hurts funny. Work safe, and don't forget to click the 'offended?' link at the end. Major kudos to Shell of Across the Atlantic for pointing this one out.

Terry has been visiting China, has a camera, and knows how to use it. Wow.

The Meatriarch posted a great bit about Hollywood fighting vs. Real Life fighting.

If you look up the word despair in the dictionary, you'll find that they mention being a Cleveland sports fan.

Mr. Helpful casts and scripts his version of A Christmas Carol.

Lynn points out this cheerful virtual snowglobe, and helpfully reminds you to turn the sound up so you can hear the screams as you rock their little universe.

Jail babes. Another option for that special nitwit on your list. Thanks to Say Uncle for the link.

More gift-giving goodies, courtesy of Jay at Sophont.

Gee, Ya Think?! points out this page full of Christmas Hamster-dancing.


Posted by Ted at December 12, 2003 08:13 AM
Category: Links

Jail Babes!! That was friggin' great. Did you notice how one of them described herself as "ethical".

I guess there are no dictionaries in the big house.

Posted by: Meatriarchy at December 12, 2003 08:20 PM
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