December 17, 2003

Good Eats

Yes, I am a fan. I like Alton Brown. Thanks to Josh for the link to the Alton Brown fan page. Be sure to check out the satire of Alton Brown on Iron Chef! (look on the left side of the page for the link)

If nothing else, watch because he's got his own drinking game.

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist this:

What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?
"Make me one with everything."

Posted by Ted at December 17, 2003 06:06 AM
Category: Square Pegs

Who's Alton Brown?

Posted by: Victor at December 19, 2003 08:24 AM

Alton Brown has a show on the Food Network called "Good Eats". He's got a quirky sense of humor, the show's aren't all 'stand in front of the stove' type cooking, and he gets into the science and history behind cooking various foods. It's a lot of fun.

Posted by: Ted at December 19, 2003 07:41 PM
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