December 17, 2003

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

Lots going on.

300,000 Dots. Please read it and scroll down too, and remember exactly why capturing Saddam Hussein was a historic moment to the Iraqi people. Thanks to the guys at Random Nuclear Strikes for this link.

Freaking News has an excellent photoshop Saddam contest running. Thanks to Shell of Across the Atlantic for pointing it out.

Annika brings us a little history of the 4th Infantry Division, who mounted Operation Red Dawn.

Over at Blackfive, Matt requests help responding to an email he received. This comment cracked me up:

It could also have something to do with their accents. In America, women who speak english with a french accent are considered to be sexy and men who speak english with a french accent are considered to be gay.” – digrafid AKA the grungy guide

Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. Being gay I mean, not being French. (I know, you saw that coming a mile away)

Dawn posts a link to a television commercial that can only be described as ‘sweet’. And sometimes that’s just what you need.

Now over at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical, Rodger mentions a History Channel program, Time Machine: Nazi Guerrillas. I saw that show too, and if you get a chance I highly recommend it.

Norbi is running several caption contests with real actual genuine prizes! He also uses the word ‘chucklehead’ which kind of pisses me off because I was planning on bringing back that oldie myself in a post later this week. So now, it becomes a tribute instead of a trendsetter.

Once again, the flea links to virtual coolness. This time, it’s animated engines. I was reminded of this book and a similar one that give plans on how to craft working mechanical engines of wood. While searching for that one, I came across this book which shows how to make working wooden locks. I'm not patient enough to produce that kind of intricacy in wood, but I can appreciate the beauty of the pieces.

Filed under “WTF? Keep an eye on this…”, both Marc of The Idiot Villager (he isn’t) and someone else who’s link I’ve misplaced (and I’m embarrassed about that), look into the fact that MoveOn.Org, is going international. Yep. The Democratic party – well, not officially – are now inviting foreign citizens to donate money to MoveOn who will then distribute it ‘legally’ to Democratic candidates in order to defeat President Bush.

Update: Random Nuclear Strikes notes the same item and links to Drudge. Also, try a little bagpipe Christmas music.

FanBall. Go try it, it’s addictive as hell. Thanks to Jockularocracy for the pointer.

More ‘whoa, neat!’ stuff, this time via Jimi Love. Warning, the cool link does not allow you to ‘back’ out and return.

How can you not love someone who titles a post “Kucinich, you maggot infested, disease ridden whoreson.” Thanks to Kin – who’s TDY in Italy at the moment – for the link to Gee, ya THINK!?.

Ah, feeling the love. I read The Meatriarch every day, and when I finally post a comment he’s all over me like I was wearing a pork chop suit.

Mark of Not Quite Tea and Crumpets reappears. Not much new yet, but it’s nice to know that everything is ok and that his fine blog wasn’t abandoned.

Over at Sanity’s Edge, Paul posts two hysterically funny stories. (making a note about my ‘answering the phone’ story…)

Serenity posted an awesome link to 'The best of the Hubble'. Awesome is too lightweight a word for these pictures.

And so ends this edition. Not because I ran out of great things to link to – heck, I only got to the beginning of the S’s – but because lunch is over and it’s time to get back to work.

Happy Holidays my friends, however you may celebrate.

Posted by Ted at December 17, 2003 07:33 AM
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Damn dude, the contest ended 12 hours ago.

Posted by: norbizness at December 17, 2003 09:21 AM

I'm fashionably late.

Posted by: Ted at December 17, 2003 09:49 AM
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