January 10, 2004

They don't even try anymore

The Weekly World News doesn't even pretend to be serious anymore. This week's headline sums it up: Bat Boy Led Our Troops to Saddam's Hole!

I miss the good ol' days, when you knew they were full of crap, but they didn't serve it up with a big ol' wink.

When I was stationed in Germany, in our office we had this big bulletin board. On it were various stories from the tabloids, by category. Bigfoot story, UFO story, and so on. Every week, we'd pick up a copy of each of the tabloids, cut out the best stories, and put them up as well. Then everyone would vote on the 'best' for each type of story. That one stayed up and the loser was removed. It was entertaining, and we kept up with the important news.

Totally unrelated. My wife hates going to the grocery store with me, because in line at the register I'll track down a copy of the Weekly World News and read it out loud to her. I make sure everyone can hear me. My favorite parts are Dear Dottie and Ed Anger. Are they even still around? It's been awhile.

Changing gears again, my 'brush with fame' bit for the tabloids involves a WWN story from a few years ago, about a possessed dishwasher in Italy and the priest who performed the exorcism on it. The 'priest' in the photo was a co-worker of mine, the 'owner' of Satan's appliance was his girlfriend, and the Italian kitchen was located all of about two miles from my house. I don't care though, it's still all true.

Posted by Ted at January 10, 2004 07:07 AM
Category: Boring Stories

Ted, as a devoted WWN reader (I read it more often than I do MAD Magazine), I can tell you Ed Anger and Dottie Primrose (now usually *two* pages of insults) are still around. However, Sabina Sabak's sister is now telling fortunes (Sabina, as you may recall, took over that column from her mother, Serina.) (I admit I'm a little confused with those names, but you get the idea.).

I've even got the website linked over at Publius & Co. Left sidebar, toward the bottom, under HUMOR.

Posted by: Victor at January 10, 2004 09:13 AM

I used to do that all the time...read the WWN out loud at the register. I always used one of those news-reader non-accents, very dramatic. Some people would look at me funny, but my friends and I enjoyed it.

Now, I agree, it's just silly.

Posted by: candy at January 11, 2004 12:51 AM

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