March 17, 2004

Paper Models

Here are a whole heap o' places where you can find detailed plans for models constructed of paper. Historical spacecraft and satellites, aircraft and ships, robots and more.

NASA's site with many plans for satellites and space exploration related equipment. Rated easy to challenging.

NASA's Mars pages have a nifty model of the Pathfinder here, and a different set of plans for the Pathfinder here. Each focus on different educational goals.

This incredible site has everything from precision paper airplanes to models for several versions of the Delta, communications satellites, UFO saucers and many more.


Beaucoup models here of everything under the sun. Sydney Opera House or Wrigley Field anyone?

Robots, Japanese style.

There were plenty of rocket models in the links above, but how about a real flyable model rocket kit made completely out of paper? FlisKits is producing some of the most innovative designs out there, and one of them is their Midnight Express. Yes, it really flies! Note that the link leads to their product page, scroll down a little bit and click where it says "Free Download".

Texas-based Art Applewhite offers some unique saucer designs, including this page of free stuff to build and fly.

And of course, you just knew some clever genius came up with software to turn your CAD file into a paper-model plan.

Thanks to BoingBoing, Texas Best Grok, EGB, and the Rec.Models.Rockets newsgroup for these pointers.

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