March 21, 2004

Rocketing Around the Blogosphere

Some you may know, some may be new to you. Enjoy.

Remember a few weeks ago when Tuning Spork and StMack held their First Annual InterMunuvian Trivia Death Match and Pizza Demolition (or some such title), I asked a question of StMack, two questions actually, about the most expensive spice in the world (saffron, which he got right), and the second most expensive (vanilla, which he didn't know - go me). The point? I forget...

Some silly billies in Tennessee want to pass a law making it illegal for homosexuals to live in their county. Which county? Why, the same one that wanted to outlaw the teaching of evolution. Makes perfect sense to me, since evolution obviously doesn't apply there. Ably covered over at Classical Values, Norbizness, SilverBlue and Alphecca. Y'all go'way now, y'heer?

DUSTBURY! That's what I meant to say earlier about the saffron and... He gives the reason for the rising costs of vanilla and background and analysis and, and-

Ever get into something that you couldn't get out of? Yeah, like the paragraph above. Move along, nothing to see here...

I shall distract you with Babes with Guns. Courtesy of the Flea.

Mother Earth almost caught a rock. Read the details over at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy.

And if that wasn't serious enough for you, check out this bit about voting over at Anticipatory Retaliation.

When I take pictures of my dogs, their eyes get that weird demon-possessed glow. Someone once told me it's because of the way a dog eye is constructed. So if humans had that same thing happen, how would camera's be different?

Once again, I digress, but this time I remember my point, which has to do with dogs, dogs in pictures, and cameras! Go visit Two Nervous Dogs, firstly because she has a sweet demon-possessed doggie on her banner, and secondly because she stalks the neighborhood at night to document her neighbors Christmas decorations. Which are still up and running.

Random Nuclear Strikes celebrate St. Patrick's Day as only the nuclear-armed can.

Staying militaristic - sorta - over at Texas Best Grok we get a rundown on his extended visit aboard the USS Lexington aircraft carrier, now open as a floating naval museum. Three parts, too cool.

The synergist in Michele emerged with this brilliant fusion of two blockbuster movies of the year.

I shall mention here that I've been watching a live taped performance of Jezebel Diary, courtesy of Mr. Helpful. Now I can say I knew them before they were huge. Rock on!

Starhawk (who annoys me by living in Houston where they're having beautiful weather at the moment) posts about a new VIP member of the Dead Poet's Society.

Say Uncle is pondering blog slogans, and he's got some good ones there. He also has an interesting link about computer security and how to Google up passwords.

Wanna know why the US military kicks butt? Because of ideas like this. A mortar shell that you fire high over the battlefield, where it deploys a parachute and hangs there, transmitting a battlefield picture from the camera in it's nose.

Nic posted a very good piece about misfits in the workplace. We have a couple in our company, probably everyone does. I once had one as my contract supervisor, and though I only saw him once a month, my client hated him. He had zero people skills. One day our Vice President said to me "He's the type of guy you lock in a room and let him do great things." But for heaven's sake don't let him interact with the paying customers.

Thanks to H.D. Miller of Travelling Shoes for pointing up this little bit of scholarly research. An Iraqi professor collected data about graffitti on the streets of post-Saddam Bagdhad. Interesting and enlightening.

All right, that's where my notes run out.

Posted by Ted at March 21, 2004 12:29 PM
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Would it make you feel any better if I told you that it rained pretty hard this morning?
Of course it did clear up by the afternoon into sunny and 74 but that is Texas weather for you.

Posted by: starhawk at March 21, 2004 10:31 PM

Thanks for the link! Glad to know that someone other than immediate family enjoyed the Lexington entries.

Posted by: John Lanius at March 22, 2004 08:53 PM
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