June 21, 2004

Things that make the boss go 'hmmmm'

Twice now, Dawn's boss has caught her headbanging, and once it was a song with rather... *ahem* inappropriate lyrics. It's good to remind the boss that total control over their realm isn't gonna happen.

I caught hell once in the Air Force for my music. I was jammin' to Zappa's "Joe's Garage" when an unexpected VIP dropped by. The music wasn't loud, so I didn't even think to turn it down or off. Once the VIP left my boss called me in for an ass-chewing.

Wet T-Shirt Night

Looks to me like something funny is going on around here
People laughin' 'n' dancin' 'n' payin' entirely too much for their beer
And they all think they're clean outta-sight
And they're ready to party 'cause the sign outside says it's WET T-SHIRT NITE
And they all crave some hot delight

Well the girls are excited because in a minute they're gonna get wet
And the boys are delighted because all the titties will get 'em upset
And they all think they are really awright
And they're ready to boogie 'cause the sign outside says it's WET T-SHIRT NITE
And they all crave some pink delight

When the water gets on 'em their ninnies get rigid and look pretty bold
It's a common reaction that makes an attraction whenever it's cold
And all of the fellas they wish they could bite
On the cute little nuggets the local girls are showin' off tonite
You know I think it serves 'em right
You know I think it serves 'em right
You know I think it serves 'em right
You know I think it serves 'em right
I know you want someone to show you some tit!


Another time (same squadron), my best friend and I volunteered to work at the Special Olympics. We had a great time and scored a couple of cool t-shirts, which we promptly took home and tie-dyed. We wore them to our next squadron picnic, and were both called in the following day for drug testing. I loved drug testing because when the results came back I always teased them about being naturally crazy.

With the right attitude, drugs are redundant.

Posted by Ted at June 21, 2004 05:07 AM
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I like that -- needing to remind the superiors that they aren't always in control. Sounds much better than that I don't give a flyin' f'ck what they think! :)

Posted by: dawn at June 21, 2004 10:19 PM

Heh. On board the ship in 1972-73, I bought the obligatory stereo system and, unlike most others, set it up in our work space. Machine Head was new; we wore out a couple of copies of the album before I got the tape recorder and hooked it in.

After several complaints about excess bass from the guys doing flight briefings next door, I wired up headphones for those who wanted to listen. Imagine a row of guys leaning over light tables, looking for things to bomb, wearing headphones blaring Space Truckin'. The Chief, who wasn't into that newfangled metal stuff, had a cassette player on his desk and his own set of earphones for enjoyment of country music.

One day the Captain came into our space. Such intrusions weren't normally a problem, because it was a security area, but the Skipper goes where he pleases... He came through the door, followed by the officer in charge of the area, and (the Commander later told me) had to stand and wait several minutes before one of us looked up, saw khakhis with a bird on, and organized the "Attention on deck!" pop-to ritual required when a Navy CO enters the room.

I never got gigged for it, but the headphone wires came down, and we got a briefing schedule so that the folks next door would be able to work in peace. (The guys on the roof would never have heard the noise, and there was nobody below.) I did suggest that I should buy a tapeswitch mat and plug a microphone into the vanity jack on the Sansui, so if the CO came by again his escort could simply lean over and say the magic phrase into the mike. Visualize a row of guys, standing at attention, all wearing fat white Seventies-style earphones trailing coily cords... CDR Scharf wasn't supportive :-)


Posted by: Ric Locke at June 21, 2004 11:42 PM
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