July 19, 2004

Washington DC's only winning football team

The D.C. Divas professional woman's football team finished the season undefeated and made it into the second round of the playoffs before falling last weekend to two-time champs Detroit in a close game (20-14). The Divas are part of the 30-team National Woman's Football Association.

Divas team colors are burgundy and gold (big surprise there), but what's up with that Cowboy-esque star in the logo?

Posted by Ted at July 19, 2004 06:09 AM
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i was wondering wether you would be interested in sponsering a small girls football team.
if you are could you tell me.
for details go to www.freeweb.com/phsgirlsfootball.
meghan flynn

Posted by: meghan flynn at August 2, 2005 03:06 PM
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