July 24, 2004

Beats Beal

So I'm putzing around the rocket workshop today, taking care of some items on the ol' to-do list, when I remember an old post idea I wanted to do. Jot it down and come back to it later, and when I do I googled up a few things to research. And I found this page, which has nothing to do with what I was looking for - honest! - but with a title like Bikini Karate Babes, how could I not investigate, eh?

In the interview with the creator, he has this to say:

Bikini Karate Babes is a fun and silly game. If you're looking for the greatest fighting game since Tekken... you won't find it here. But if you're looking for something unique with solid gameplay and high replay value, then this game is for you!

BKB uses actual video images of real women. You can control these women in real time. It is by far the best example of interactive video controlled in real time ever made. The animation is excellent, not choppy like so many 'other' games using video images. The full range of motion is captured for every punch, kick, and jiggle!

I don't play computer games, but if I did I suspect that this would be on my list of favorite games. There's pictures too at the link.

Posted by Ted at July 24, 2004 01:45 PM
Category: Links

I've heard of that game. Apparently it is utterly mindboggling awful, in a so-bad-it's-really-really-bad sort of way.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at July 25, 2004 03:45 AM
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