August 10, 2004

Now this sounds like fun

From Off Wing Opinion:

The OSHL will teams in six Canadians cities- Halifax, Quebec City, London, Hamilton, Toronto and Kitchener- and will have a unique format. The season will be comprised of four 11-day tournaments each comprised of a round-robin and a playoff. Each game will also include a shootout which won't decide the outcome of the game but will contribute to points in the standings- wins will be worth three points, shootout wins worth two, making each game worth five points that can be split between the teams. Each team will have a roster of 12 skaters, including the goalie, who will play three 17 minute periods of 4-on-4 hockey.

And check out this little tidbit:
all penalties will result in penalty shots

Word is out that several 'name' hockey players and goalies are interested in this league. If the NHL delays next season due to a lockout, I'll be watching this one for sure.

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