August 17, 2004

Enjoy a little technological animated coolness

Thanks to the Carolina rocket guys for the heads up to this "Inside tour of an operating Rolls Royce jet engine". In fact, I'm just going to quote Bill S:

Yes, this is off topic but most of this crowd will find it cool to watch.....there is most definitely combustion and thrust! :-)

This is a seriously cool shockwave flash animation. Whomever put this together deserved their pay.

Keep an eye on the right side of the display to see the operating parameters at each stage, and also down on the lower right where a red bar shows where you are inside the engine. There are some text comments that flash up below the play controls.

Has sound. Low res is about 2.1Mb, hi res version is almost 5 mb, so it may take a while to load on a dial-up connection. Broad band - no problem with streaming.

I almost titled this "Suck. Squeeze. Bang. Blow." Go check it out and you'll know why.

Posted by Ted at August 17, 2004 04:36 PM
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