November 26, 2004

Estrogen-laden Chaos

Women's Roller Derby is making a comeback.

Nobody's quitting their day jobs yet, but the night belongs to ladies who go by names like Syble Disobedience, Baby Ruthless and Ginger Snap. Women who leave their professional personnas at home when they lace up the skates and do battle on the banked oval.

There were at least two recent attempts to revive Roller Derby, both resulting in WWF-type extravaganza's - long on style, way short on substance. Personally, I loved old-time Roller Derby (Go Bay Bombers!), and hope these ladies can grow this into something wonderful again.

Posted by Ted at November 26, 2004 05:17 AM
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Posted by: Victor at November 27, 2004 08:29 AM

Boy, was that obnoxious or what? Feel free to edit out several hundred exclamation points, Ted!

Posted by: Victor at November 27, 2004 08:30 AM

Booooooo! LA T-Birds, blech. Philadelphia Warriors, blech. Midwest Pioneers, blech. The *only* team worth remembering is my Bay Bombers!

Remember Ann Covello and her ever-changing hair color? :D

Posted by: Ted at November 27, 2004 09:26 PM

The Texas Rollergirls have been rolling for several years-They're the pioneers of rollerderby. Yah, they have the skimpy costumes but these women are true athletes-There's dozens of new leagues springing up across the country but those girls don't yet have the experience to deliver a real show. Don't knock it til' you see the real thing. (And unlike old-school derby their fights aren't rehearsed.)

Posted by: Derby Lover at June 2, 2005 02:10 AM
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