February 04, 2005

Rocket Jones is a very naughty place

Jay Currie has a blog devoted to Library Internet Filters, and he performed a simple experiment.

How Ugly is Sonic Wall
This ugly: I went to InstaPundit, and, starting at the bottom, clicked on his links and wrote down which ones were blocked by SonicWALL. Here, then, is the list, along with a few more I was able to find by clicking around from other blogs.

Two things jumped right out at me. First, that I'm linked to by Instapundit. Second, that Rocket Jones is in that list with many other well-known blogs.

Farther down, Jay explains why:

I am sure this changes from day to day, depending on what you have posted about. The problem is, dumb software like this does not distinguish between discussion of something and advocacy of it. So, if you merely talk about cults, guns, nudity, racism, gambling, pornography, weapons, or drugs, your blog will be censored.

Damn, what's left?

It's an interesting site, and well worth a look. He describes his motivation thusly:

Frankly, I think the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in the Children's Internet Protection Act case was wrong. It is virtually always wrong to censor information, especially in a library. But that is how the law in the United States stands at the moment and if a library accepts federal funding it must install internet filtering technology on all of its internet enabled computers.

He also provides links to more information about Internet Filters.

Gotta run, I'm working on a new series of posts about a fun-loving but misunderstood cult of nude gamblers who decide that guns are the only way to deal with a group of racist drug lords. Oh yeah, it's gonna have pornographic illustrations too, if I can draw the stick figures sexy enough.

Posted by Ted at February 4, 2005 11:41 AM
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Can I get an autographed copy? ;)

Posted by: Susie at February 4, 2005 11:42 PM
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