May 19, 2005

Some interesting and entertaining links

Today and tomorrow and, hell, I'm gonna be swamped until Monday at least...

Weg noticed that someone is proposing to make a Ray Bradbury short story into a movie, and hopes that they'll do it justice. I hope so too. Personally, I hate Bradbury with a passion, but he's done a few stories that I like, and one of them is A Sound of Thunder. Head on over to her place and read the background, plus she provides a link to the story online. It's a good read.

Moving from Science Fiction to science fact, the guys at Random Nuclear Strikes point the way to a nifty experiment in reality vs. Hollywood-reality. We've all seen the bit where the guy confronts a padlocked door or gate, whips out his pistol and, kapow!, removes the lock with a well-placed shot. Does it really work that way? Head on over to Life, Liberty, Etc. to read about the test and see pictures of the results. Way cool.

Rich puts up the best analysis of each episode of Survivor that I've seen on the net. I've never watched an episode, but his posts were good enough to know what was going on.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Minor Perfidy has overplayed their hand and it's now obvious that they desire nothing less than world domination under Canadian financial control. A most excellent writer who began as a commenter, became a blogger, then returned to commenting only has now been assimilated into the MoMP collective. As such, the call has been put forth:

...think of clever and mildly (mildly!) deprecating snippets to include in the random list of capsule bios that appear under every minister’s name...

Take 'em up on their generous offer to mock Patton before you actually read any of his posts. It's the Democratic way!

Oops, almost forgot. Buckethead posted his take on the blogmeet/demolition derby we had last Saturday night.

Nic is posting uber-cool pictures!

Gotta run. See ya when I get a chance.

Posted by Ted at May 19, 2005 05:41 AM
Category: Links

Oh, now that's embarrassing. I've seen some other Survivor weekly postings that are quite fantastic. Anyone that follows your link to mine, expecting to see something good, will never believe you again.

Or, if I think about it a little further.. Your enjoyment of B Movies could equate my what I post as B Blogging.

Or, umm, feh. I'm tired.

I pointed some people to that second joke you posted the link to the other day: ("That's because he's inside your fucking cat.") Damnit that was funny, but some of the people I shared it with didn't laugh, and now I don't trust them anymore.

Posted by: Maelstrom at May 19, 2005 03:18 PM
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