September 02, 2005

Yet momma wanted me to be a Priest

Over at Owlish Mutterings, he linked to this "Job Predictor".

According to this, Rocket Jones' ideal job is trained assassin. Cool.

And when I type in my real name (Ted Phipps), it says I should become a pirate.

You should start being nicer to me.

Let's see... full name (Robert T Phipps)... Yeehaw! My ideal job is a lottery winner - no need to work !

I like this game.

Posted by Ted at September 2, 2005 01:47 PM | TrackBack
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Posted by: Pixy Misa at September 2, 2005 02:57 PM

Rally car driver!Whoo hoo!

Posted by: Russ at September 2, 2005 03:16 PM

Fuckin' eh! I use my real full name and I get "Alcoholic Tester". Oorgo gets "Professional Tramp".

Posted by: Oorgo at September 2, 2005 03:27 PM

I get to be a Supermodel, using my real name. But my husband does too. So, I'll give that profession know, too much competition and all.
I guess I'll have to stick with being a Brain Surgeon then.

Posted by: Blogeline at September 2, 2005 04:20 PM

Pixy, that's a fine profession, full of dignity and tradition and tarter sauce.

Posted by: Ted at September 2, 2005 04:55 PM

Even using my full middle name, I end up with jobs I really don't want [Minister]. Bummer.

Add in Jr, and I get office gopher or ping pong ball instpector. God must hate me.

Posted by: owlish at September 2, 2005 05:45 PM

I'm supposesd to be a pole dancer! (wild)


Posted by: hln at September 2, 2005 06:03 PM

Get this. With my blog name I get Satan. With my real name I get God. Go figure. I see blog fodder...

Posted by: Bou at September 2, 2005 08:49 PM

What's a teasmaid?

Posted by: Tuning Spork at September 2, 2005 09:31 PM

I got Heavyweight Boxer and Insurance Fraudster...are you sure this is a real prediction? ;)

Posted by: Susie at September 3, 2005 12:39 AM

A teasmaid is the English equivalent of a coffeemaker, specifically for hot tea, as far as I can tell. The name may be old too; most of the references I could find were to the 50's.

Posted by: owlish at September 3, 2005 12:20 PM

Aah. Thank you, owlish! I presumed that that was pretty much what it was, I'd just never heard the term before.

Posted by: Tuning Spork at September 3, 2005 05:02 PM

BWAAAHAHAHAHA!! With my online surname I get "Circus Freak". With my real last name I get "Teacher to Help Pensioners to Drive".

My husband gets "Village Idiot".

I have to go clean my monitor now...


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at September 6, 2005 11:37 PM

OK, add in my middle name and it says I'd make a great Garden Gnome. LMAO!!


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at September 6, 2005 11:47 PM
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