September 18, 2005

Ear Candy

Podcasts I've recently listened to:

Ken & Squip Show - new!
Fred Garvin Male Prostitute and the Reverend Demize - funny stuff
Soccergirl Incorporated - something on her site freezes my PC, but I'm usually able to download at least one episode before crashing
Bleacher Guy Radio - sports, co-hosted by Off-Wing Opinion's Eric McErlain
Shire Network News - from the boys at Silent Running

Notice who's missing?

Blue's Simian Syndicate hasn't put anything new up for a while, but he's directly involved with the Katrina effort at work, so you can't fault him for having his priorities straight

Posted by Ted at September 18, 2005 07:35 AM | TrackBack
Category: Links

Sigh... darned priorities...

Thanks for keeping my little show on the list, Ted!

Posted by: BLUE at September 23, 2005 01:57 PM
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