October 03, 2005

Flower blogging

I was telling a coworker about a couple of plants I've got going on this year in our front yard and told her I'd take pictures.

(in the extended entry)


This is nine New Guniea Impatiens that I planted in a bed about 15 feet long. You can't go wrong with impatiens, as long you keep them watered. They'll droop and wilt badly when they get thirsty, but a good soaking will perk them right back up, and they'll stay covered with blooms like this right until first frost.


This is a flowering vine called Mandevilla that I potted and trained to climb through the lattice. Our HOA was on our case about the trash can being visible, so this is how I solved that problem (you can barely see the can behind). The blooms are four or five inches across, and it's flowered all summer. The mandavilla is tropical, so in all likelyhood it won't survive the winter here, but I'm going to trim it back before first frost and set it down into the window well where the dryer vent exhausts. Maybe it'll be enough, we'll find out.

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*sigh* I've always wanted a Mandevilla...they last all year here in Texas as long as you protect them from frost. I'm not normally a pink flower type of girl, but blooms like that make me eat my words. Maybe set the color off with something complimentary, so it's less...yanno, pink.

Now if they ever bred a purple or blue one, I'm SO there!


Posted by: Denita TwoDragons at October 4, 2005 10:04 PM
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