October 03, 2005

Meanwhile, in my fantasies... (updated)

Sports, that is.

Our baseball season is over. I wound up a respectable 5th out of 10 teams, and was fighting for 4th throughout the last month or so. (update: I did finish in 4th place in the final standings) Many thanks to annika for being the commish for this league, I had a blast. Congrats to Hank's Homeys for running away with the pennant.

Meanwhile, over at the stadium, I inexplicably won again thanks to some truly uninspired play by my opponents roster. By all rights, he should've stomped me. I'm not loving this league, because the scoring emphasis seems to be on touchdowns, which make your wide recievers the primary weapons. Running backs and quarterbacks are a very small part of the equation that I'm seeing so far. It's still fun, but I preferred last year's setup, where total yardage and number of receptions and other stats factored in.

You still have the chance to sign up for the fantasy hockey league. You don't have to obsess, peoples, it's for fun!

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Thank you, Ted. I missed out on a bunch of fantasy football, and I was considering starting a fantasy hockey league. I'm in!

Posted by: Victor at October 3, 2005 07:54 AM

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