October 17, 2005


This weeks Carnival of the Recipes is up over at Blonde Sagacity, and it's a special edition. The focus is on pork, because those politically correct nitwits in England banned Piglet!!! What's next, Lassie?

... oh jeez, I don't wanna know when *that* edition of the Carnival comes out!

Posted by Ted at October 17, 2005 11:34 AM | TrackBack
Category: Recipes

I never would have believed it.Not even from the Brits.Let's put the shoe on the other foot shall we?Sorry but your not liking pork offends me.I DEMAND that you eat some right now!What's that?!You say it goes against your beliefs?Oh but you don't mind asking others to give up theres.How typically hypocritical of you.
Also,a question;Is that really Ala?In a word....DAMB!!!!!

Posted by: Russ at October 17, 2005 07:38 PM
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