August 03, 2006

I have no idea

beats me, and no, that's not an invitation

Well, *that* was amusing. I attempted to translate the title using babelfish and found out that "La Calandria" is Italian for "The Calandria". Imagine that...

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I pulled up this title on IMDb, and someone's given a synopsis:

This movie is set in the Middle Ages in Assisi. Lidio (Lando Buzzanca) is a womanizer who's caught in bed with the Duke's sexy wife (Barbara Bouchet). To spare his punishment the Duke makes a bet with him. Lidio must seduce the old Calandrio's young wife Fulvia (Agostina Belli), Lidio accepts the bet. In order to complete his mission Lidio must disguise himself as Madame Aurora, Fulvia's lady in waiting. Calandrio is unable to get turned on by his own wife but Madame Aurora's presence arouses him. A lot of misunderstandings go on from there. Fulvia and the housemaid fall in love with Lidio and demand him to constantly fulfill their desires. Calandrio gets help from a fake doctor in order to conquer Aurora. It's hilarious when the doctor convinces Calandrio to disguise as a woman for a secret rendezvous with Aurora (who has to disguise as a man!!) and makes the old man think he's invisible. The ending is shockingly funny. Great performances by Lando Buzzanca and Salvo Randone(Calandro). If you like a comedy with the naughty Decameron-type twists then you will like this one.

Which suggests that "Calandrio," the masculine version, is a title of nobility or something, and therefore "la Calandria" is the spouse thereof, a duchess to the duke, or something like that. Maybe. It's hard to be sure with all this Sixties Italian raunch around.

Posted by: CGHill at August 4, 2006 07:45 PM

LOL I love IMDB, but never thought to look this one up. I just thought the poster photo was so "WTF?" that it was worth sharing.

Posted by: Ted at August 4, 2006 09:12 PM

The poster invites two questions: "Is this a still from the film?" and "And if it isn't, why the hell not?"

Posted by: CGHill at August 5, 2006 04:29 PM

oh, i think i meant before we can actually see who was chosen. Unless I'm wrong with that as well.

Posted by: Mccullum at January 18, 2013 11:49 AM
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