August 02, 2006

Obviously, they were asking for it

Isn't that what they used to say about rape victims?

From Alphecca, I see that muggings and related robberies in the UK are up at least 8 percent this year (and one study says the increase is as much as 22%).

Rotten criminals, eh?

The newspaper headlines say "Rise in crime blamed on iPods".

Remember, there are no bad people. Just people who do bad things. Can't be blaming crime on the folks who commit crime, it must be those darn victims, just begging to be robbed. I can see it now: crowds of people, waving their arms and shouting "Me! Me!!! Rob me!", jumping up and down as they try to be noticed. And those poor put-upon muggers... having to wrestle with that temptation every day. It's inhumane, I tell you.

And it's all our fault. When a society invents iPods, it deserves whatever comes to it. Or so some people want you to think.

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Damn Apple! Damn them all to hell!

Posted by: buckethead at August 2, 2006 08:05 AM

I sure am glad these lib cowards are blaming iPods now.First it was guns,then it was knives and then air guns.Always something but themselves.No responsability for their own actions whatsoever.Take a clue America,this is where we're heading if Commies like Hilary and Edwards get their fat asses in the White House chair.
Hell they don't even let cops have guns over there.Of course that's why you can call the cops till yer blue in the face and they ain't gonna come.Thinks I'm kidding?Hang out at Alpheca's,Gunlaw News or Keep and Bear Arms and you'll see stories like this all day,every day.
Now I have to admit that some of my fave stories come not from England but from our own Peoples Republic of Maryland.Dozens of patrol units out prowling the streets ticketing anyone who leaves their car running out in front of their house because it "encourages car thieves".Apparently the whole idea is to perp a money making scam by targeting the innocent as apposed to having nads enough to go after the real problem.
My all time fave injustice,again from Maryland,was the woman im Prince George's county who called the cops to report that her Christmas presents had been stolen from her Blazer which was sitting in her driveway.Now you would think that the cops up there would be man and/or smart enough to go after the perps but what do they do instead?They give the lady a ticket for leaving the stuff in her car and "encouraging crime".I shit you not!It was on the news last Christmas and that's exactly how they said it.Wake up America!

Posted by: Russ at August 2, 2006 11:28 PM

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