August 05, 2006

You can find anything on the internet

As if that's news to anyone with more imagination than an amoeba.

For instance, The Steely Dan Dictionary.

The creative genii behind Steely Dan (Walter Becker and Donald Fagen) have long been fond of peppering their lyrics with arcane literary and cultural references, the meaning of which can be murky at best (given the duo's legendary reticence). After searching in vain for an explanatory lexicon, I decided to create my own.

I found that via a link from Tuning, which is infrequently updated but always interesting.

And the link for that came from Owlish, who is no longer posting. I miss him. who (holy crap!) just started posting again. Yay!

I would've known that if trackbacks were working, but Mu.Nu has shut them off for good until we migrate to Minx. Lousy spammers. Which makes me wonder how everyone is doing in TTLB's ecosystem. I haven't looked at it in months, but one of the measurements is trackbacks, so I wonder what kind of hit Munuvians are taking.

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And of course the band's name (the third, from Yokahama) is itself an obscure literary reference.

Posted by: triticale at August 5, 2006 06:05 PM

Yup, I'm around. I'm reading a lot fewer blogs, specifically avoiding most political blogs. We'll see how things go.

Posted by: owlish at August 6, 2006 11:17 PM


Posted by: 2je4glzu at June 24, 2010 02:28 PM

Thanks for the wonderful digi' /Jocelan

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