September 12, 2006

Fair is Fair

There's a political ad playing on the radio where someone is writing to their local congresscritter about American factory jobs moving overseas. You know the kind, where you hear a keyboard tapping while the "citizen" reads his words aloud as he types.

In this one, they want a representative who will "demand" that China, India, and a couple of other countries all stop subsidizing their industries in order to steal American jobs.

Maybe as a good faith gesture, we should close all those Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Volkswagen manufacturing plants in the US. After all, we're stealing jobs from their workers.

Posted by Ted at September 12, 2006 05:05 AM | TrackBack
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I'm all in favor of closing all of the Jap plants.American jobs but the profits ultimately go to the Japanese.Besides being something of a dictatorship the Japs are also one of the largest human rights violators.Their so called "justice system" is a joke built on many of a false confession tortured out of people.
Besides all of this the Japs also think that we Americans should live like them and have been trying to influence out politics towards that end for years.This is especially true on the issue of firearms.
In Japan you can be arrested for anything with no eveidence and can be held for a month before having to be put before a judge.Usually at this point you will be charged with something else and held for another month and so on and so on....
In Japanese courts the "confession" rate is over 95 percent.Confessions that the accussed aren't even allowed to read before signing and that are often edited after the signing.
Well,in a nutshell,the Japanese suck!While the people and their overall culture may be quaint,just the fact that they so readily live under such Imperialist regeims speaks volumes.
Oh and remember that Hillary,Bill and Al love these people and think we should be like them too.This is why we need to stay out of the U.N.

Posted by: Russ at September 12, 2006 02:24 PM

Oh and BTW,the whole subsidizing thing reminds me of the steel embargo.Democrat sucks up to "citizen" group or perhaps labor union.Lib shyster pulles commie anti-American move by telling American Industry that they have to use American steel whether they like it or not.Steel Industry Unions push for wages probably three to four times higher than they should be.Cost of these wages and benefits gets passed to consumers of steel.Steel eventually gets so costly that it takes it's toll on everyone.Companies are spending so much for it they can't afford to pay decent wages to their employees.Once again everyone else takes a hit so some fat assed over paid,underworked union goof off can have a wonderful life.
Thankfully a prez came along who knows what freedom of choice is and allowed businesses to buy what they need from whoever they want.
To find out how this fairy tale ends just take a drive to Pittsburg and take a look at the once mighty steel mills now falling to the ground.While you're there walk into and bar filled with old,angry steel workers and listen to them tell you all about how it's all the Republicans fault for not making some company do something that amounts to nothing more than commie doctrine.
How do I know all of this?Because I lived in the Pittsburg area for over a year working for a line painting company.I spent over a year doing nothing but painting R X R's on the road at railroad crossings.These people where absolutely furious that a company from Va. could find so much work while they had none.We had so much fun filling them with tales of the rest of the world and its exploding non-union economy.Oh,the joy we spred amongst the natives!
One last thing.Don't think for a second that my comment about "fat assed over paid,underworked union goof offs' was out of anger or inexperience.Whenever we needed help on our crews up there we would contact local temp agencies.Over the period of a year we probably went through at least 50 or more ex-union workers.Let me just say that after a full year of "I'm not supposed to lift anything over...." and "That's not in my job description" and "We have to work HOW many hours?" and "I'm not supposed to work when it's over 90 degrees" and just about every other excuse in the books I assure you I will stand by my comments.

Posted by: Russ at September 12, 2006 03:06 PM

That may perhaps be the 64000 issue. There appears to be for being way too significantly of dissonance involving the polls. Rasmussen has Romney persistently ahead (albeit by a smidgen) and NBC/WSJ provides Obama a massive 5 level margin. What provides? And it seems to get counterintuitive that Obama leads Romney in Virginia nonetheless tralis in Colorado! What provides? Poll are all over the map and they may possibly not be significant till two weeks ahead of the election.

Posted by: Mack Cromeens at November 30, 2012 06:47 AM

sorry one question can someone give me a link for that allyouneed folder ? plz

Posted by: Doorn at January 18, 2013 05:37 PM
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