November 20, 2006

Almost Famous

Last week I was informed that Rocket Jones was a Googlewhack. I checked for myself, and sure enough, by typing two common words into Google this site was the only result returned. Pretty cool, until I noticed that one of the two words was misspelled.

Dang. So close.

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Unrelated to your almost famous post, but the Giant Evil Space Robots are going to make their Grand Entrance into my nanobook tomorrow (they've already been identified as such in tonight's writing). Find out here.

How goes your own project?


Posted by: Ian at November 21, 2006 12:55 AM


Posted by: 6augspem at June 24, 2010 02:30 PM

That's a good question - there are a number of reasons why a prospective employer might choose to call (or not call) you based on a quick glance at your resume. . . While certain job titles carry pretty much the same responsibilities across employers, each employer is seeking to fill a unique niche. For example, if you are applying for nursing positions, one hospital might be in dire need of someone with flexible scheduling availability, another hospital could be seeking someone who appears open to float positions, another hospital might want to hire an RN with limited experience and seeking less pay, and another hospital might need someone who has LOTS of experience and can be prepared to move into a nursing manager position in the near future, etc. The employer is looking at your background as an indication of what you bring to the table.. . Also, keep in mind, that many employers are using automated software to scan resumes for certain keywords before a human will ever lay eyes on the selected resumes; but, one employer may enter one set of keywords and another would select an alternate set. . . Remember to tweak your resume (and cover letter) to fit each job you're applying to - consider saving a few alternate versions emphasizing your different strengths. As a nurse, you may want to have a version of your resume emphasizing clinical experience and another focusing on your background in trauma environments. . . Hope this helps!

Posted by: Yarger at January 18, 2013 04:55 PM
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