February 28, 2007

Heads Should Roll

Someone, somewhere along the line, seriously screwed up with my laptop. I took it in to the repair shop today because it no longer recognized the CD-ROM drive. I should get it back, good as new, in two weeks.

The warrantee doesn't expire for another month and a half.

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Category: Square Pegs

Apropos of nothing . . .

One time my laptop went bad and The Hub was trying to walk me through a basic diagnostic over the phone, beginning with having me unscrew the entire back compartment of the thing and check inside for something or other. Alas, I was unable to confirm visual on the "controller dilithium booster cable sequencer" or WHATEVER, and quickly became pissy.

Sensing my frustration, The Hub said, "Well what DO you see honey? SWIRLING MIST?"

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