April 28, 2007

Probably Not What They Had In Mind

By "they", I'm talking about Mapgirl and Sarah of Trying to Grok, who are both avid knitters.

By "what", I'm talking about yarn porn. Or more correctly, some anatomically-correct naughty bits you can knit for yourself. Apparently some of the items are used as training aids in various childbirth classes, but some are just... naughty. And funny, like this Willie Warmer (that link opens a pop-up window, and yes, the pun is intentional).

A little helpful advice from the comments there:

Just don't make that Willie Warmer out of an itchy wool!


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Oh don't you know? My friend's show was censored downtown for the crocheted naughty bits. It was in the Washington Post!


All that stuff has too many decreases. I like mindlessly knitting scarves and shawls.

I'm too lazy to knit my own uterus. But maybe one day if I lose mine, I will.

Posted by: mapgirl at April 29, 2007 11:06 AM

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