September 30, 2003

Busy, busy, busy

The first of the month is always the busiest day for me, and when it happens on a wednesday it just doubles the workload. Guess what tomorrow is? I also picked up a new end-of-the-month task, and I have to go into D.C. tomorrow for half a day, so things are going to be hectic in real time.

(Translation: if blogging sucks, blame anything and everything else.)

By the way, thank you for the long list of words for the next Google Junket. I really don't like to whine like that, but it works for Bill, so I figured I'd give it a try. Bill's not home right now, anyone care to take bets that's he lying in a gutter drunk with Collins?

Some out-of-the-way stuff for your reading pleasure:

King of Fools won this weeks New Blog Showcase. Excellent article.

Backstage writes about kitties and theater (theatre for you uppity types), which pleases Jennifer and Mookie.

Mookie also claims that my (alleged) jokes just come across as snotty. True? I don't think I have the charm to pull that off like Bill.

Casual Brain Rotting, courtesy of Random Nuclear Strikes.

Hold The Mayo - the truth served plain. Yum.

(aside: If Laughing Wolf ever invites you over for dinner, be fashionably late. He likes flava fava beans. [doh!])

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Ministry of Minor Perfidy. Where "evil isn't just our hobby, it's our job."

Enjoy your roasted stomach, infidel. Or maybe the pain is from laughing hysterically because Allah is in the house.

I'm a gardener. Much like Samwise to Frodo, I am to, uh... someone else. Ok, maybe not. But the point I'm trying to get to here (the looooong way around), is to go visit Starhawk. He posts beautiful pictures of cool growing things in his garden. He's also a WiFi wizard. What's WiFi?

Victor thanks everyone for remembering his birthday. He's made mention (repeatedly) that he's younger than I am, yet he can't remember telling anyone when his birthday was. Victor, when you're asking the doctor about Rogaine and Viagra, better check into the memory pills too.

Hmmm... that was testy, eh John?

Posted by Ted at September 30, 2003 02:20 PM
Category: Links

Ha, ha.

Dang, that's the only snappy comeback I can come up with right now. Sad, eh?

Posted by: Victor at October 1, 2003 06:04 AM

OK, howzabout this:

At least I don't *need* viagra and...actually, I could use some rogaine.

Hmmm. Howzabout...No, that one's lame, too (drug interaction joke--trust me, it was lame). I really can't think of anything.


OK. The Meek Little Cowpoke will no longer draw on The Number One Gun. I give up.

Must be all that extra experience of yours.

Posted by: Victor at October 1, 2003 01:13 PM
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