October 29, 2003

Rocket Jones' Great Random Google Junket

Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Google Junket, eh? Today’s edition features lovely ladies showing off their vocabulary, because like the Grateful Dead say, “Man Smart, Women Smarter”. And if you remember the words to that song, then you didn’t spend enough time in the parking lot before the show. wink wink, nudge nudge

Ok, first we’ve got Stevie, who rolls up the first bomber with fingerling, curettage, pusillanimous and zucchini. She’s first.

Next to fire up is Lady TwoDragons, and her suggestions steatopygian, stentorious, propitious, osteomalacia, tintinnabulation and xeriscape. Try saying that without exhaling!

‘eather mellows out with griffin, kinesthetic and barnacle. Good words all.

LeeAnn doesn’t bogart the dictionary and offers up a one-hitter: pulchritude.

Susie passes on extemporaneous. With a big silly smile on her face. Matches mine, I’m sure.

I picture Nic in the corner, contemplating geometry and her place in the universe, hence Triangulation. Then again, she may just be thinking about Taco Bell drive-thru being open late.

I think we’re getting a little too out there with the words. Google searches aren’t finding anything except online dictionaries, medical sites, and good ol’ Rocket Jones. While the last is personally satisfying, it’s not a lot of fun for you guys. We should try for more common words I think, although my vocabulary has gotten a lot better!

Whoa. Did I just say that out loud? :)

Besides the expected fish hatcheries, we get recipe pages for fingerling potatoes and then this:

Ed brings back the reckless fire and primal, raw energy that made rock music the igniting force that changed generations and cultures.


We also find a children’s book by Monica Hughes – Little Fingerling. The synopsis says that "Issun Boshi is a little boy no bigger than your thumb, but he makes up for his small size in courage. He seeks his fortune in the big city of Kyoto, where he becomes the favourite in a merchant's home. He falls in love with Plum Bossom, the merchant's daughter, and dreams hopelessly of marrying her. When he overcomes two evil giants he uses their magic hammer with Plum Blossom's help, gains his wish and becomes a handsome samurai warrior."

Uh huh. We know who else has been smokin’ something tax-free...

pusillanimous + zucchini
Texas Monthly magazine had an article about restaurant food including The Texas Food Manifesto. Site required registration and login, so I didn’t bother.

Very cool word and concept meaning the conservation of water and resources through creative landscaping. The apex of the design would be the in-ground swimming pool, made with reinforced concrete to protect the earth below, and catch and conserve the water above. That was a lot funnier when I first thought of it. Have another hit and read it again.

Griffin + barnacle
Griffin’s Waterfowl, purveyor of fine Barnacle Geese.

Just to shake things up a little bit, let’s try something. We’ve got the following words left: pulchritude, kinesthetic, extemporaneous, triangulation. steatopygian, stentorious, propitious, osteomalacia and tintinnabulation. Pick a word or two, google it, and post the link to something that catches your fancy on the search results. Put it on your blog and link back here, or leave it in the comments.

Somehow I lack the ambition to continue this junket right now... 'ere.

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