December 04, 2003

Great Random Google Junket

This is part 1 of a special all-Munuvian Christmas edition Google Junket. This time, the rules were simple, I took the name (blog or screen) of said Munuvian, added Santa, and voila! Merry magic.

Pixy + Santa
It’s Santa/Pixy with his bag! How do you say Ho Ho Ho in Norwegian?

Penumbra + Santa
And we find an article about the starry skies above Santa Monica, describing an eclipse that happened in January, 2000.

Hey, for a punked out angel, we can do better than three year old astronomy, eh? How about some music by Dmitri Metheny, who offers the jazz albums Penumbra and Santa’s Got A Brand New Bag.

Spork + Santa
Check out Sporks R Us (current president of the minimalist chapter of the Chamber of Commerce) and read a report about a man in a Santa suit robbing a drug store.

Michigan + Santa
I’ll bypass the Michigan Santa who killed his own son, and go with that holiday staple: Santa dressed in University of Michigan colors. We also have the Glockenspiel at Santa Claus House.

Cherry + Santa
An animated carolling Christmas card. Santa's got a cherry-red nose... probably all that Christmas spirit.

Publius + Santa
I didn't have high hopes for this one, but what do I know? We find this page about Santa Suzanna, the resting place of five saints, including Saint Felicity of Rome, a widow who appeared before the magistrate Publius with her seven children.

Jennifer + Santa
After wading through the inevitable J-Lo crap (anyone want to see a photoshopped naked J-Lo sitting in Santa's lap?), I finally came to this page. Since it was about the first thing that didn't absolutely suck, here ya go: The pinup art of Jennifer Janesko. This piece is called ‘Santa Baby’. It's not cheap guys (and I'm leaving that out there as a straight line for you - Merry Christmas).

Mookie + Santa
Oooo looky! It's The Big Dump Truck. Interesting quote: “Mookie told me he was going to sit on Santa's lap and tell him he wanted some spaghetti.” This was from last Christmas, and he sounds like a cute kid. Certainly better behaved than my Mookie. I can say things like that, because this time of year your kids have to be nice to you. Try it and see! Now the day after Christmas is a whole 'nother matter...

Cheese + Santa
Cheese Ball Santa. That just about sums up 90% of fat seasonal hires, doesn’t it?

That rounds up this edition. Second half as I get a chance in the next few days.


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