October 14, 2004

Hockey Whoopass Jamboree is in business!

First off, welcome Brian J who is supporting the Milwaukee Admirals in the Jamboree. The updated list of everyone playing is here.

And in the opening game, Gir's own Manitoba Moose defeated the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins 6-3 (sorry Catt). The Moose had Wade Flaherty in net, which is interesting only because Flaherty was born in the early 1920's by all accounts. Or maybe it just seems like it.

Also on tap last night, visiting Cincinnati dropped Jenn's Utah Grizzlies, 4-3. Kin might be interested in the Mighty Ducks of Cinci, but I haven't heard from him yet.

In other interesting news (to us hockey fans anyways):

The AHL has added several new rules for the 2004-05 season, including:
  • Employing a shootout to decide regular-season games which are tied after overtime

  • Permission of “tagging up” to negate off-side plays

  • Implementation of “no-touch” icing

  • Widening the blue lines and center red line to 24 inches (from 12 inches)

  • Moving the goal line back to 11 feet from the end boards (from 13 feet)

  • A seven-week test, ending Nov. 28, restricting the areas where goaltenders may play the puck in an attempt to increase offensive opportunities without wholly eliminating a goaltender’s ability to assist his defensemen.
  • The league’s on-ice officials will also have a stricter interpretation of hooking and holding fouls against a puck carrier and of interference in the attacking zone. Additionally, the AHL’s standard of supplementary discipline on acts where there is deliberate attempt or deliberate injury of an opponent will include more severe suspensions without pay.

    Check back for updates folks. I'm working on a way to post schedules and results in a way easy for everyone to deal with (including myself).

    Posted by Ted at October 14, 2004 06:14 AM
    Category: Links

    Implementation of “no-touch” icing
    Excellent! Something I wish the NHL would adopt, though it would come waaay too late to save Pat Peake's career (and ankle).

    Posted by: Victor at October 14, 2004 08:34 AM

    Yeah, well we were looking good early on. Gotta get my logo stuff up and take my medicine I suppose.

    Posted by: Catt at October 14, 2004 09:34 AM

    I'm game...'specially since we won!

    Posted by: Kin at October 14, 2004 09:49 AM

    Though...I just can't bring myself to root for a team from Cincinnati. If we have to do the AHL I'll go for the Lowell Loch Monsters...

    Posted by: Kin at October 14, 2004 09:51 AM
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