July 03, 2007

I Am So Annoyed That I Didn't Think of This First


Thanks to Silent Running for the pointer.

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I second that ROFLMAO. I think every state now has at least one of those "cherish the chirrun"-type plates, Ted. If you hurry . . .

Posted by: dogette at July 4, 2007 06:40 AM

Programming languages don't matter. If Google finds you fit to be hired, they will pay for you to learn whatever programming language you need to know. . . You need to learn the *concepts* behind programming. Where to put the semicolons isn't all that important.. . Learn any programming language, they are all bout the same. Then learn about programming patterns. You can bet that the Singleton pattern, or the factory pattern might come up in an interview at Google. You better have something to say about them.. . You will need to know something about computational complexity. If you can't look at a simple bit of code and say if it is O(1) or O(n!), Google won't hire you.. . Learn about concurrent programming. What is a thread? What is a race condition, and how can you prevent it? What is deadlock? How could it happen and how would you prevent it? You will need to know those things to work for Google, or any other big player. . . Learning a programming language is like learning to use a hammer. It might make you qualified to be a carpenters helper, if you are reasonably good at it. But it doesn't make you an architect. Or even a master carpenter. Google hires architects and master carpenters.. . Some amusing Google interview questions at link below....

Posted by: Olores at January 18, 2013 12:44 PM

Lol @ 0:52 . Everything just works with a mac my ass. He should start with "Hi, I'm a mac, and I can kind of edit photos and go on facebook and stuff."

Posted by: Holihan at January 20, 2013 10:22 AM
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